Care instructions for kohl & Cochineal bags

1/When you receive your bag we recommend coating with a leather/ suede protector to insure against damage from water or oil based stains especially light coloured bags. A water based treatment is best used and a maintenance treatment 3-4 times a year will ensure your bag retains its lustre. We recommend the water proofing product Sof Sole.
2/ When not in use keep your bag out of direct sunlight and away from harsh spotlights.
3/ If not in use for a period of time store in the dust bag provided and keep stuffing inside to avoid misshaping. Lay flat or standing but do not hang.
4/ Avoid immersing in water and wipe dry after rain.
5/ Do not rest your bag on abrasive surfaces such as concrete, drape over a chair or hang on a hook where possible.
6/ Be careful with sharp objects particularly around light weight leathers such as lamb or deerskin.
7/ For regular leather maintenance we recommend treatment with a leather conditioner such as Elephant leather preserver. We do not recommend treatments with a wax based product. Any product used should be spot tested first on an inconspicuous part of the bag. Always apply with a soft cloth.
8/ For suede and nubuck we recommend a regular spray with a water proofer, this will also act as a deterrent for oil based stains.
9/ A gentle once over with a suede brush every so often will help to restore the pile of the suede. Never perform this treatment on wet suede.
10/ Any minor marks on suede may be lifted with careful rubbing with a suede eraser. For major stains see a professional leather/ suede dry cleaner.
11/ Be aware that non colour fast dyes in clothing (denim) can discolour your bag particularly lighter coloured bags. This discolouration can not easily be reversed.
12/ Take care not to get makeup, perfume or skin creams on the leather as it will discolour and degrade over time.
13/ Avoid overfilling your bag so as to not cause undue stress on seams or misshape the leather.                                           14/ Should you get marks on the lining use a small amount of non abrasive clothes washing detergent diluted in cold water. Simply pull lining from bag and gently hand wash being cautious not to wet the leather. Drip dry in shade hanging from lining via a cloths peg.

Your Kohl & Cochineal bag is made with natural materials which will change as they age. This affect is something we cherish and which ultimately serves to make your bag truly your own.